Locking your door after just moving in

It is important to know how to keep your home and family safe. Which is something fresh homeowners tend to struggle with. To help out a bit, we’ve prepared 8 home security tips for new homeowners.

Always install a security system

It is the basic of basics for home security tips for new homeowners. Still, it needs to be said: do not delay installing a security system! Having a security system alone will discourage a lot of potential theft attempts. And even if it doesn’t, it massively boosts the chances of catching the burglars. By refusing to install a security system for whatever reason, you are directly making your home a more appealing target. Especially if you spend a lot of time at work and your home is left empty for most of the day.


Add outdoor lights and motion sensors

Outdoor lights with motion sensors might not seem like something that can deter burglars. However, consider this: what are burglars most afraid of? Unless you are really unlucky and dealing with unstable individuals, the answer is confrontation. Their goal is to get into your home, grab as many valuables as possible, and get out. Getting into a fight or having to run away before they’ve got their bags and arms full is not something they want to deal with. It is just an unnecessary risk that, more often than not, ends up with burglars in jail. So, having lights suddenly turn on, which is typically the sign that someone is in the house and very much awake, is enough to send most burglars packing.


Always lock up your garage

It is ridiculous how often people spend vast sums of money on securing their home and then leaving their garage doors unlocked and getting robbed anyway because a burglar just waltzed into their home through there. Your garage is as important as your front doors if it directly connects to the rest of the house. Even more so, since if the garage is unlocked, even if you locked the door into the house itself, the burglar has a perfect spot to pick your lock out of view. Locking your doors and windows is so effective because their visibility prevents burglars from casually tempering with them. A lock is in no way a deterrent for someone determined enough to get into your house.


Consider installing security cameras

You might associate security cameras with protecting highly valuable locations and might think it’s just an overkill for your home. It isn’t! Security cameras are, in large part, a deterrent. Just like a security system, their sheer presence keeps burglars and thieves away. Even if you do not want them for the sake of preventing burglary, having one trained at your front door will discourage anyone from snatching any mail or packages delivered while you are away from home. Just remember to include your cameras in must-do cleaning tasks before moving out since dirty lenses are useless.

A security camera as one of the home security tips for new homeowners
Security camera footage will at least let you catch the burglars if they break into your home.


Make sure your doors and windows can be securely locked

If they have locks, plenty of people relax and never bother to check their effectiveness. However, locks can fail or degrade. This is particularly a problem in old houses. So, one of the most useful home security tips for new homeowners is to lock your windows and doors and then try and open them. You might be badly surprised by the results. Of course, such faulty locks need to be replaced as quickly as possible. And, if you have bought an old home with wooden windows and door frames, you might want to consider replacing them with aluminum or plastic versions. This will not just improve your security but also help with protecting your home from pests while you travel.


Add a deadbolt or a chain lock

As we’ve mentioned before, locks are really just a way to discourage break-ins. A determined burglar or attacker can pick them up or, often, simply break them with a single well-placed kick if the door is old. A deadbolt or a chain lock makes accessing your home a lot more difficult. They cannot be undone from the outside and are much more difficult to break by force.

A deadbolt, a useful addition according to home security tips for new homeowners
Getting through a deadbolt by force is very loud, which would alert you immediately.


Always protect your Wi-Fi connection

In the era of technology and connecting all your devices, including your security system, to Wi-Fi, sometimes all a thief or a burglar needs in order to gain access to your home is to connect to your internet. Especially if you’ve decided to set up your smart home after moving and connect all your devices. Even if you are not worried about break-ins, protecting your data and privacy should still be your top priority. This is why one of your home security tips for new homeowners is to immediately change your internet password when you move in. Especially if you’ve ‘inherited’ the internet setup from the previous owners. Then, there is a good chance they still know your internet password, too.

A locked phone
You do not want anyone getting into your phone, or worse, security cameras.


Never leave your keys in unsafe places

The final of our home security tips for new homeowners is to never be careless with where you put your keys. Plenty of people think they’re being smart when they hide a spare key under a flower pot or on top of the doorframe. But remember, a single powerful storm is all it takes to displace your ‘carefully’ hidden key. This means that someone can find it and get direct access to your home in a way that bypasses all your carefully planned security. One thing you need to learn about homeownership is that it is up to you to protect your home and keep it in good condition, which means you really cannot afford to be careless in any way.


Final words on home security tips for new homeowners

Following our 8 home security tips for new homeowners, you should be able to keep your home safe! Just remember: never leave anything up to chance. Do everything you can to protect your home, and your efforts will eventually pay off. Once you’ve stopped a burglary attempt, you will feel much better about everything you’d done to secure such a result.