Apple fans can’t wait for new iPhone SE

Smartphones –thikes kiniton– are playing an important role in people’s lives today. Apple fans were looking forward for the release date of the new iPhone SE which came out on April 2020 in the States and it is starting to be sold online in the rest of the world. Since the release dates of Apple’s iPhones are announced, people are camping out of the stores to be the first to get their hands on the new smartphones.

This phenomenon has kept campers staying more than 24 hours in tents or at the streets, staying in the lines so that they can buy the new iPhone first thing in the morning. They bring food and company so that time will pass pleasantly, but sometimes they leave empty-handed, as the number of the new products may be limited.

People who are fans and supporters of Apple, are expecting a lot when a new model is released. There is a great majority of them, who prefer to change their phones as soon as a new model comes out. So this means that their expectations are getting bigger and bigger every time. Let’s get into the characteristics of the new iPhone SE.


Pricing of new iPhone SE

The new iPhone is Apple’s cheapest yet impressive smartphone so far. It is priced at approximately 400$, which is pretty affordable comparing to models like iPhone XR or iPhone 11. We can say that is is a model resembling the 8 series in terms of size and looks and it is definitely nothing like the previous iPhone SE, which resembled the iPhone 5.

If you always wanted an iPhone but would not pay a fortune for it, then this could be your chance of getting it. It is a model with infinite abilities and impressive characteristics but still at a lower price. However, the price might be different in other countries with different currencies.

General characteristics of new iPhone SE

The new model by Apple is compared to both the previous iPhone SE and the iPhone 8. As far as the looks are concerned, it is almost identical to the iPhone 8 using a 4,7 inch touch screen. It’s body consists of glass and aluminium which make it durable and not as fragile as other smartphones with a glass back which can break easily and are expensive to fix.

It is also water resistant as it survive 30 minutes in the water or it can be submerged in water with one meter depth and still be functional. The iPhone SE has kept the touch home button of the previous models, which is no longer a button but a sensor which makes its use more pleasant.

The safety of the new model is based on the touch ID which is pretty sensitive and accurate. You can also set your fingerprint to apple pay so that you will be able to preform your transactions without getting your credit cards out.

Siri is always there when you need her as in every iPhone and she can help you perform basic tasks without touching your phone. The iPhone Se is available in three colours black, white and an impressive deep red colour. It is also equipped with 5.0 Bluetooth and the latest IOS 13.

Camera of new iPhone SE

The new Apple smartphone features a 12 MP back camera and a 7 MP front selfie camera. Both cameras are going to offer you an amazing experience, as they capture photos, selfies, 4K videos and professional portraits.

Since most people nowadays want to use their smartphone to take pictures as either they cannot afford a camera or it is not practical to carry a camera with them, the quality of your phone’s camera plays an important role. This camera is not the best on a smartphone, as there are smartphone cameras with better specs and resolution.


Battery of new iPhone SE

The iPhone SE battery is slightly improved as many models used to face battery life problems. It has a 1821 mAh battery which can let you watch videos for almost  13 hours. It also supports fast charging in 30 minutes and it can be charged on a wireless charging dock.

Memory of new iPhone SE

Memory has always been an issue with most apple models, since it is internal and it cannot be expanded wit an SD card. People wanted to get an iPhone so bad that eventually the memory was not sufficient even for the basic applications and multimedia. This happened with the editions of 8 GB and 16 GB iPhones.

The new iPhone SE is available with internal memory of 64 GB. 128 GB and 256 GB. The RAM in all editions is 3 GB which can support pretty much any app.

Smartphone cases and accessories for new iPhone SE

Iphone users know that their phone cannot be left bare without a case, except if you wish to see it getting scratches and dents from the first days of it’s use. Let alone the shattered screen and back of the phone if you drop it from a high point. This is why accessories are a must for iPhone users if they want to keep their

In terms of accessories and smartphone cases, there is a wide range of products to choose from. The new iPhone SE can fit in most iPhone 8 cases, leaving you hundreds of alternatives and colours to choose from.

As far as the headphones are concerned, the iPhone SE does not have an audio jack, which leaves you with three choices: it means that you must either stick with the apple headphones, use the adaptor (from lightning to jack) or get yourself a pair of wireless headphones. You can either go for the airpods or find a cheaper solution at your local stores and online.

Overview for new iPhone SE

The latest Apple smartphone is a good choice for people who wish to spend little money on an iPhone, but it is not as “strong” as the other models that were released in 2019. It is a decent phone for everyday use and it has a good camera for taking pictures and high quality videos. If you are looking for the best smartphone though, give it some time and research it more.

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