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Red Beach

Kokkini beach is just a few steps from the archeological site of Akrotiri, leave the car in the open parking lot and start a 2-minute ascent-descent to see a wonderful volcanic palette – white, red & black on a beach. Dark blue waters, two canteens for essentials and minimal umbrellas are the ingredients of this place. Access is by boat from Akrotiri.

Kokkini beach is the most popular beach, but also the most famous to the international public. For this reason it is one of the beaches of Santorini that you will rarely reach without a lot of people. The Red Beach of Santorini is one of those rare landscapes of Santorini that changes from year to year as it is shaped by wind, water or erosion.

Ai Giorgis beach

The end of the beach of Perivolos, for those who prefer more quiet. Ai Giorgis is a crystal clear beach, with black sand, accessible to all, but without umbrellas and sunbeds. If you continue on foot south you will find yourself on the beach of Vlychada.

The beach of Ai Giorgis in Santorini in front of the homonymous settlement is a beach that reminds me of the precinct many years ago. It is a quiet beach with some tamarisk trees that will offer you their shade to protect you from the hot sun of Santorini.

Kamari beach

Kamari together with the beach of Perissa are the most popular beaches of Santorini, 5 km long. approximately, fully equipped, especially beloved by tourists of all kinds and with two strong points: the Middle Mountain of Ancient Thira that dominates the southern part of the beach and the frequent “parade” of planes at an incredibly close distance from the water and above bathers’ heads – the airport starts almost at the end of the settlement houses!

Be sure to take advantage of your swim in Kamari for a visit to Ancient Thira. Although it is not famous as the archeological site on the cape is unique as a place (like most areas in Santorini) and from its ancient theater you can see only the vastness of the Aegean. If you like shopping, Kamari has a great market. The type of market I like. Next to stores with the most expensive brands, you can find stores with very good prices.

Monolithos beach

The beach in Monolithos of Santorini is the part of the sea located in front of the settlement. It would probably be more correct to say the beaches in Monolithos of Santorini as there are several separate beaches in the area.

On the beaches of Monolithos you will find the famous black sand of Santorini. But it is really fine sand not pebbles like most of the other beaches, which in winter fills the whole area and the road.

The beach of Monolithos was very popular at the time when there was the only beach bar in Santorini. Now there is an organized part with sunbeds and umbrellas and it is considered an ideal beach for families with children.

In the left part of the beach of Monolithos called “Wild”, the landscape will remind you of the beach of Vlychada. It is the part of the beach that is most affected by the weather and has no type of organization. There is only one tavern that you can open if you are lucky.

Columbus Beach

Kouloumpos or Koloumpos beach in Santorini is located on the homonymous cape that takes its name from the nearby submarine volcano located at a distance of 7 km and is the second active volcano in Santorini. You will find the beach on the back coastal road to Oia following a path. If you are there at the right time the trail will be full of wildflowers.

The name Columbus probably comes from the Italian word colomba which means Dove. Kouloumpos beach has wild beauty. Black and red pebbles but also larger rocks while on the right side dominates the rock-cape Kouloumpos.

Kouloumpos beach is one of the few places where you can do nudism in Santorini.

Exo Gialos Beach of Karteradou

The beach that you will find going down to the sea from the settlement of Santorini Karterado, is named because of the good neighborhood Exo Gialos Karteradou. I have no information to give you about whether there is Mesa Gialos.

The beach is a classic Santorini beach with black pebbles and pumice with the back of the beach occupying the famous volcanic landscape.
To the right of the beach as soon as you reach the sea there is a fishing shelter where you can see fishermen patching their nets.

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