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Installing a security door

Installing a security door –portes asfaleias–  is the best option to protect your home or business from a potential burglary. New technology security doors can be operated with a key, keyboard or even a magnetic card, but of course the key is the most popular choice. Nowadays, with the evolution of technology and the rhythm of the everyday life, people need to feel safe when they enter their home.

Families have the need to spend their weekends without fearing that someone will trespass and rob their house or even worse, hurt them. Students who are far away from their families also have that need. Generally speaking, the best thing you can do in order to feel safe is installing a security door.

Proper installation procedure of a security door

Proper installation of a security door and the brand, play a crucial role as it will ensure the correct long-term operation, providing to the maximum all its advantages. The installation must be done by a specialized technician in order to maximize the quality of the installation and good operation. At Alfino door you can get free offers on installing a security door from reputable professionals.

What security doors should I choose?

Hardwood security doors are compact inside and are so heavy that they are difficult to break. Hardwood doors offer security, high aesthetics, while they are quite economical compared to other types of doors. For an apartment, wooden pantry doors are the most commercial category of armored doors. These are doors with 6mm thick film lining. Other characteristics:

  • Modern aesthetics
  • Uniformity and durability
  • It wears out with difficulty
  • Wide range of colors
  • Economic replacement

Installation of laminate security door

Laminate doors in recent years are gaining more and more “fans” with the percentage of wood in construction approaching 100%. Characterized by:

  • Maximum quality
  • Durability over time
  • Low price
  • Variety of colors

Installation of steel security door

The steel doors are very durable and combine the inviolability of the house with the quality and the bright appearance. They can be available with wood paneling or wrought iron in a wide range of designs.

Aluminum door installation

Armored aluminum doors combine quality with functionality. Aluminum doors withstand all weather conditions, have a wide range of choice, with double shielding. Aluminum security doors do not need maintenance and are very easy to install and replace. We can find them in shades of wood or Ral giving luxury to the home.

Installation of a security door made of wrought iron

Wrought iron security door is especially known for its durability. Most people prefer it for their cottages because of its traditional style. It will for sure keep all the nosy people away from you and your family. An iron door is a heavy but classic door which can fit to more modern and contemporary designed houses.

Fireproof safety doors

With more than 3 locking points and a safety  lock for easy access to you, a fireproof door is exactly what you need for your business site, company or apartment. In case of installation of the door with an opening to the inside of the protected area, the door has a fire resistance index of 90 minutes, while if it opens to the outside of the space, it has a fire resistance index of 120 minutes.

It is possible to install a special fire lock with a panic bar, during which the lock unlocks and opens even if the door is locked.

Multiple security doors

Multiple security doors are usually installed in car and house garages, underground garages, warehouses, shops, etc.

Their main features are:

  • Safe mechanical operation
  • Possibility to choose manual or electric drive
  • Wide range of colors
  • Maximum security
  • They do not take up space

Of course, whichever security door you choose, you should combine it with a similar quality lock for additional security. In Alfino door we can provide you with the most secure doors for your house, apartment or business site. Our prices are great and you can also see our previous works in our gallery and see for yourself the quality of our doors.

Choose Alfino door for the best safety doors

Gone are the years when we slept with the exterior doors of our house unlocked. The constant cases of burglary lead the homeowners to the purchase of integrated security systems in order to protect their private space.
According to data, 60% of burglaries take place through the main door, which makes it imperative to replace an old door with a security door. So what are you waiting for? Get your phone and contact the best company in Athens!

In Alfino door you will find a variety of security doors made from all the materials mentioned above. Trust the experts in door installation and keep your family and your property safe from any kind of intrusion!

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