When you’re seeking a new TV with gaming in mind, there are a couple of points to consider that you would not typically think about for daily watching. You’ll desire your TV to be able to refine quick relocating images, as well as be able to maintain clear, crisp edges without any motion blur. Another point you could intend to consider is 4K, with some consoles currently supplying Ultra HD pc gaming, it could be worth buying a 4K TV

So, right here’s a fast listing of the specs that you ought to keep an eye out for while buying a brand-new pc gaming TV from our technician – episkevi tileoraseon – :

  • Latency/Lag: The very best gaming Televisions are reduced latency. Ideally, you must just buy a gaming TELEVISION that has a latency of 30ms or much less.
  • Hz/Refresh Rate/FPS: Unless you’re a competitive gamer or an FPS-fiend, a 60Hz TV will be fine. Or else, aim for 120Hz.
  • 4K as well as HDR: Once again, if you can pay for to acquire a future-proof 4K HDR TV with low latency and a comfortable refresh rate, then do it.
  • OLED: If you’re dedicated to 120Hz, avoid OLED Televisions. Or else, it’s worth purchasing one that provides low-latency as well as a comfy refresh rate.
  • Video Inputs: Don’t ignore HDMI, RCA, s-video, as well as coaxial inputs! Purchase a TV with the inputs that you require.

Without additional informations, let’s get into the details.


Input lag

Input lag is the time a TV extracts from receiving a signal to displaying it on the screen. For daily viewing, it isn’t a huge factor to consider due to the fact that you’re not connecting with the picture. However, for video gaming, this is probably the most crucial thing to look out for. Lag is determined in nanoseconds and also the majority of TVs have a gaming setting that tweaks some of the picture setups, but much more significantly, minimizes input lag. When it pertains to video gaming, you’re typically trying to find anything less than 25m/s.

It’s harder for 4K TVs to preserve a reduced lag rate since they have to use a great deal more processing power to present an Ultra HD photo than a conventional 1080p TV. So it deserves paying specific interest to the lag price in game mode when you’re trying to find a 4K TELEVISION.

Refresh rates

Refresh rates inform you just how swiftly the display rejuvenates itself, as well as normally talking, a greater number means the TV is much better at showing fast-moving photos. In the early days of flat-screen TVs, this was a big deal, however nowadays most TVs have an indigenous refresh price above 60 structures per second (or 60hz). This is the number you need to be trying to find when you’re surfing the TV specifications. If it has a refresh price less than 60hz, as well as you’re planning on making use of the TV for pc gaming, you need to possibly prevent it.

Yet beware when you’re comparing numbers from different suppliers because they all determine this slightly in a different way. Some producers have their very own name for it, and also some simply call it ‘photo quality’ – so you need to only truly contrast numbers between TVs from the same supplier.


Most makers are currently making top end OLED TVs and also they’re a little bit more pricey than common LED displays however if your spending plan can extend to it, we ‘d definitely suggest OLED over LED. They have better comparison proportions with much deeper blacks, and also without the demand for the screen to be backlit, they can be much thinner.

Take a look at our ‘What is OLED?’ write-up to discover why it defeats LED.

Ultra HD (4K)

4K basically implies the TELEVISION is built with 4 times as lots of pixels than a 1080p full HD display, giving you an unbelievable level of information. With consoles like the PS4 Pro, and the Xbox One X offering Ultra HD pc gaming, plus the quantity of 4K TELEVISION and motion picture web content available, it’s most definitely worth investing in a 4K TV. They’ve become far more economical too, with Ultra HD TVs starting at around ₤ 300.

Just make sure you inspect the input lag, remember, 4K Televisions have a harder task processing the picture, so ensure the lag is less than 25m/s when in game setting.



HDR means High Dynamic Variety and provides the TV a much bigger range of colour and also comparison. This suggests the TELEVISION can create even more natural colours and you likewise get a lot more information in the darker locations.

HDR initially involved the video gaming world with the Xbox One S, as well as Sony quickly followed with the PS4 Pro – they have actually additionally provided an update to include HDR to the original PS4, meaning you don’t need to update your console to gain from it.

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